I’ve been strict on my diet for the past 6 weeks now and the results are really remarkable.

Interestingly enough, prior to the last six weeks, dieting has been as challenging for me as it is for most people.

These are my 3 reasons why eating more vegetables will help you get a leaner and tighter physique.

If I were to ask you, in regards to nutrition, what would you consider a healthy nutrition habit, one of the things you’d probably say is eating more vegetables. Regardless of what research you have or have not done, you somehow know veggies are nutritious and you should be eating them. Thanks, mom, and dad! And the GR8 thing about veggies that they are typically very low in calories allowing you to eat more of them compared to other types of foods without significantly increasing how many calories you’re consuming.

I think one of the biggest factors that has allowed me to be consistent with adhering to my meal plan is finding a way to diminish or at the very least reduce cravings, which typically occurs whenever I begin dieting.

Another issue is that when it comes to fat loss, you’re more than likely going to have to eat less food compared to how much you are currently eating. And a potential product of eating less is feeling the sensation of hunger.

Unless your willpower, discipline, and experience are through the roof then it’s likely you’re going to struggle with this.

By eating more veggies, especially if you can find a few that you really enjoy, I’ve found it incredibly easier to follow my meal plan consistently, which has allowed me to get faster results.

Right now my favorites are eggplant and cauliflower 😋 On any given day, you can find me eating 2 entire eggplants and 1 entire head of cauliflower.

So what veggies are you going to start eating more of?🥦🥒🥕

– Coach Garret Rumbea